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Astro Performance Warehouse A-5 Transmission 550HP/425 Ft.Lbs. Torque T-5

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Item Number: APW-A5-HS
Manufacturer: Astro Performance
Manufacturer Part No: A5-HS


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5th Gear Upgrade*
Cluster Support Upgrade*
Core Exchange*
Astro Performance Warehouse's "A-5" World Class 5 Speed transmission is capable of handling 550 HP & 425 FT-LBS of torque. Way more than your factory T5.
Here's what they put into it:
1. Master Overhaul Bearing/Synchronizer/Seal Kit (Part#: BK5-WCM)
2. All Steel Bearing Retainer (Part#: 1352-027-008R)
3. "A-5" Gear Kit (Part#: A5-GK)

You can upgrade the transmission with the following options:

Cluster Support Plate (Part#CSP) $45.00
The Cluster Support Plate is an Aluminum Reinforcement Plate that holds the Rear C/S Bearing Race and Shims. The purpose of manufacturing this plate was to increase the Strength of the Rear Casing. The Factory/OEM Cluster Plate is weak and can cause premature transmission failure, especially when the "shimming" of Countershaft loosens up. This can cause the Cluster Shaft to "walk around". Cluster Support Plate is an excellet upgrade for those customers that have had previous issues with gear failure.

Upgrade to a .79 road race 5th gear $239.00

Core Exchange is Required
1.) Core may be either Exchanged in Up Front before Rebuilt Transmission is sent out, or after Taking Receipt of Rebuilt Transmission.

2.) Core Exchanged in must be from one of the following vehicles:
A. 1985-95 Ford Mustang 5.0L
B. 1987-93 Ford Mustang 2.3L
C. 1994-Up Ford Mustang 3.8L

Core Exchange Requirements:

A.) Core must have Good Case (Not Cracked/Damaged), and output shaft pilot surface cannot be pitted. If case is cracked and/or damaged a $100.00 core charge will be added to price of transmission. In order to determine if output shaft pilot surface is pitted, the transmission must be taken out of vehicle and the following steps must be taken:

1.) Input Bearing Retainer (the part Throwout Bearing Slides) needs to be removed. A 13MM Wrench or Ratchet will work. Remove the 4 Bolts that attach the bearing retainer to main case. After the bolts are removed take a flat head screw driver and pry retainer away from main case. There is a notch cut on the drivers side of main case in between the bearing retainer and case. You can insert screw driver into notch to pop the retainer off of the front. Once the retainer is removed you will have access to remove input shaft.

2.) The input shaft, also known as 4th Gear, is what we will need you to remove next. Grab the input shaft and try pulling out of front of main case. If the input shaft will not completely come out, wiggle input and turn it slowly in whatever direction you feel comfortable. There is a relief notch on the engagement cone of input shaft that has to be lined up with the cluster gear to allow the input shaft to be removed. Once it is lined up there should be no problem in removing input.

3.) The last step after the input shaft is removed is to check the pilot surface of the output shaft, which is the surface that butts into the back of the input shaft you pulled out. There are 15 needle bearings that ride on this pilot surface that should be located in the input shaft you pulled out. If some of the needle bearings fell out of input shaft when removing, don't worry. Take two of your fingers and rub around the pilot surface of the output shaft to make sure that there is no pitting. If there are any rough spots on the pilot surface the output shaft is pitted. If it is smooth all the way around the pilot surface, the output shaft is good. If output shaft is pitted a $100.00 core charge will be added to price of transmission. After determining the acceptability of your Core, you do not have to reinstall components, but please make sure you include all parts in box when shipped back.

How the Core Exchange Works:

1.) Core Exchange Freight is Paid by the Customer. This means Customer is Responsible for Freight of Core to our Warehouse whether it is sent up front or after taking receipt of Rebuilt Transmission. If the customer chooses to ship it in before taking Receipt of Rebuilt Transmission we will have to wait for the Core not only to arrive, but also wait for our Core Department to check the "Acceptability" of Core. Once the Core arrives at our Warehouse, "Acceptability" of Core is usually determined within 1-3 Business Days. Once the Core is "Deemed" Acceptable, Astro Performance will proceed in getting Rebuilt Transmission shipped out. However, if something does not meet our Acceptable Core Exchange Requirements, we will need to contact the customer for any additional Applicable Core Charges.

2.) The Customer can also choose to ship it back after taking Receipt of Rebuilt Transmission. If customer chooses this option they will be required to pay an Additional $250.00 for the Core Charge, plus a $65.00 Return Freight Fee. The Core Charge is "Refundable" once the Core is Returned and "Deemed" Acceptable. The Core Charge is "Refunded" via Company Check and is only sent to the Billing Address & Customer that purchased transmission. The Return Freight Charge covers the Return Shipping Expense of sending Core back in the Original Packaging Rebuilt Transmission was shipped in. The $65.00 Charge includes us printing out a UPS Return Label and including it inside of the box, so that you can reuse the same box to ship core back. You will have to package your Core in the same manner the Rebuilt Transmission was shipped to you, and apply the Return Label over the outside of the Original Shipping Label. Once the box is ready to be shipped out, it is the customers responsibility to take it to either a UPS Store, UPS Terminal, or UPS Driver.

There is a 90 Day "Limited" Warranty on this Rebuilt Transmission. The Warranty covers the "Craftsmanship" of the Unit. The Warranty covers the following items:

1.) Leaks due to improper "Sealing".

2.) Shifting Problems not associated to "Improper Clutch Adjustment/Disengagement.

3.) Vibration(s) not associated with "Improper" Bellhousing Alignment or "Faulty" Rear.

The 90 Day "Warranty" does not cover the following:

1.) If the Transmission is run low or out of Fluid. This includes if the customer does not put Transmission Fluid in Transmission before Driving.

2.) Abuse. Each Rebuilt Transmission has a Torque Rating. This Torque Rating needs to be one of the most important "factors" in making a Manual Transmission Decision. There is not a Gear Company in the World that "Warranties" Broken/Damaged Gears!

3.) R&R. This is the Removal and/or Installation of Transmission. Astro Performance does not cover nor pay for any Labor Charges incurred.

4.) Synchronizer Failure due to Clutch not being properly Adjusted.

5.) Freight. If there is an issue it is the customer's responsibility to return the Core at their own shipping expense.

Break-In Procedure
500 Miles of Normal Street Driving. After 500 Miles it is important that the customer re-adjust the clutch. If not, synchronizer failure could result within a short period of time. The "A-5" Transmission requires 2 quarts of Syngear II Transmission Fluid be mixed with 1/2-3/4 quart of Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF. 2 Quarts of Syngear II are supplied with transmission.

Application: 1985-1993 Mustangs

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